Muniba Mazari Inspires Many During Address At UN Headquarters

Pakistan’s superwoman and Goodwill Ambassador at United Nations Muniba Mazari recently inspired thousands in the opening session of 63rd United Nations Commission on the Status of Women in New York.

Muniba Mazari is a Pakistani motivational speaker, painter and wheel-chair bound anchor who has inspires many people with her courage and speeches around the world. She recently spoke in New York in a summit that will conclude on March 22.

She was part of a talk that was moderated by a young Sudanese Mary Fatiya who dreams of having affordable health care in her country. Together, they inspired thousands of audience on the issue of gender equality and the rights of women in the UN General Assembly hall.

Muniba and Fatiya shared real-life tragic experiences moved the audience at the UNHQ. They discussed other issues as well including the gender discrimination and rights of woman as normal human beings in our society.

Muniba Mazari told the audience that being a woman had its challenges while being one in a wheelchair was the cherry on top. She further added that she has so much titanium in her body that she could easily get the title of Iron Woman of Pakistan.

She inspired thousands of people to believe in themselves and that they can do anything by the share will power.

Nimra Arshad

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