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MQM Founder Altaf Hussain Arrested In London

altaf hussain

MQM Founder Altaf Hussain

MQM Founder Altaf Hussain Arrested In London Over 2016 Hate Speech

Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) founder Altaf Hussain was arrested by Scotland Yard in an early morning raid on Tuesday. Over a dozen police officers (15 in total) carried out the raid at Hussain’s North London residence.

The MQM founder has been shifted to a police station in Central London.

According to reports, Altaf Hussain has been arrested on Pakistan’s complaints.

He has been arrested for his hate speech which he delivered in Pakistan through telephone in 2016. In that speech, he had urged his followers to take law into their own hands.

Moreover, Altaf Hussain had previously issued violent threats against former DG Rangers Major General Bial Akbar.

A forensic unit of Scotland Yard is searching the residence of Altaf Hussain.

altaf hussain
Residence of MQM Founder Altaf Hussain

“A man has today, Tuesday, 11 June, been arrested in connection with an investigation into a number of speeches made by an individual associated with the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) in Pakistan,” read a statement by London’s Metropolitan Police.

“The man, who is aged in his 60s, was arrested at an address in north west London. He was arrested on suspicion of intentionally encouraging or assisting offences contrary to Section 44 of the Serious Crime Act 2007.”

Section 44 ‘Intentionally encouraging or assisting an offence’:

(1) A person commits an offence if — – (a) he does an act capable of encouraging or assisting the commission of an offence; and – (b) he intends to encourage or assist its commission.

(2) But he is not to be taken to have intended to encourage or assist the commission of an offence merely because such encouragement or assistance was a foreseeable consequence of his act.

Altaf Hussain Hate Speech

“Pakistan is cancer for entire world,” he had said. “Pakistan is headache for the entire world. Pakistan is the epicentre of terrorism for the entire world. Who says long live Pakistan…it’s down with Pakistan.”

The minister for interior at the time had sought assistance from British authorities, and asked them to take action against Hussain for “inciting people of Pakistan to violence”.

On August 23, Hussain apologised to the then army chief, Gen Raheel Sharif, and the Rangers director general for his vitriolic speech.

“From the depth of heart, I beg pardon from my remarks against Pakistan, the establishment including Gen Raheel Sharif and DG Rangers,” he said in a statement shared on Twitter by MQM spokesperson Wasay Jalil.

“I was under severe mental stress over extra-judicial arrests and precarious condition of my workers sitting at the hunger strike camp.”

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