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Mona Alam Clobbers Arnab Goswami & His Posse on Republic TV!

Mona Alam strikes back at the foul-mouthed host of Republic TV!

One of the well-known journalists of Pakistan, Mona Alam, is trending on twitter for striking back at the foul-mouthed anchor, Arnab Goswami on his show, “The Debate.”

As the talk-show started, host “Arnab Goswami” started-off with a hateful speech thrown at Mona and Pakistan in the live talk show where other Panelists were also present. Mona was representing Pakistan’s view as the host Arnab Goswami started with:

“We treat you like dirt… What is your view on it.”

Mona retaliated to his ruthless remarks and shared:

“I was perpetuating your initial remarks as I was planning to visit Ladakh for a holiday on a Chinese visa.”

Her one statement unleashed the crazy war-mongering panelists from their cage as they start shouting at her on top of their lungs and didn’t let her speak throughout the show. The panel and the host representing India were left speechless on her statement that made them retaliate like a bull.

However, the thing that needs to be conveyed was out in the open, where Indians like always, acted to escape the situation without defending it.

It has always been like this. They never answer what is being asked and just blame Pakistan for its existence and question its sovereignty and then spew hatred. But Mona Alam gave them a befitting reply which has caused them distress, much to the amusement of Pakistanis.

Below you can watch the full video:

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