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LUX Style Awards 2019 – The Good, The Bad and The Shocking!

They might have turned 18 but LUX Style Awards still has a long way to go; to mature as credible awards and as an event as well. The latest event held n Karachi last night was as bad as it could get because a) there was Mismanagement all around and b) some of the awards were plain and simple biased. Let’s discuss the different aspects of the ceremony that will make it memorable, in The Good, The Bad and The Shocking way!

The Good

LUX Style Awards

Shabnam’s Life Time Achievement Award

It is never too late to acknowledge your legends and the way a tribute was paid to veteran actress Shabnam before handing her the LUX Life Time Achievement award was brilliant. From former LUX girl Meera to current ones Saba Qamar and Maya Ali, they all danced on songs that were made eternal by Shabnam, before Atif Aslam brought her on stage with his rendition of Mujhe Dil Se Na Bholana. To present the LUX Style award, there was Shabnam’s on-screen romantic hero Nadeem Baig and trust me, the two looked great together even after the last working in the mid-90s.

LUX Style Awards

Saba Qamar’s Entry into LUX Style Award

One of the most talented actresses produced by Pakistan, Saba Qamar finally got her due at the LUX Style Awards. She not only danced on stage but was part of a funny segment with Shafaat Ali and Yasir Hussain. In fact, it was the segment with the latter where people laughed, probably for the first and last time in the entire evening. Their take on Saqib Malik’s Baaji as well as other celebrities reminded the audience of Saba Qamar’s comic timings that they used to witness in Hum Sab Umeed Se Hain.

The Bad

Yasir Hussain’s proposal gone bad

Usually, people are happy when two love birds become engaged but Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz, who got engaged during the event, became the butt of all jokes. While some criticized Iqra Aziz’s response and termed it as overacting, others took their hug way too seriously. Whatever the response, we are happy that the most happening couple is now officially engaged to each other. Let others say whatever they want!

Hina Dilpazir’s never-ending skit!

Although the whole script of the show seemed to have been written in a hurry, it was Hina Dilpazir’s never-ending skit that turned out to be extremely dull.  It took the audience time to register that she was playing a transgender model and by the time they realized that, it was way too late. It was for the first time in his career that Yasir Hussain, who was supposedly interviewing her, seemed more sane than the other character.

The Shocking

Iqra Aziz winning the Best Actress Award, twice!

She is a talented newcomer but in no way she deserved to awards for her performance in Suno Chanda. Yes, we are talking about Iqra Aziz who, due to her social media presence, won the Viewer’s choice award but the other one shocked all, including the actress. She was placed alongside Sana Javed (for Khaani) and Ushna Shah (for Balaa) who not only played title roles in their dramas but also performed better. They even dressed better at the event of LUX Style Award compared to Iqra but the more the followers, the more the chances of winning the award. Then there was Sonya Hussyn (Aisi Hai Tanhayi) who carried the role perfectly while Neelam Muneer’s portrayal of a patakha girl in Dil Mom Ka Dia also deserved to be commended. When contacted, the jury refused to comment but it was evident from their faces that even they were not in the loop regarding double-dose of Suno Chanda.

Lux Style Awards 2019: Best & Worst Dressed Celebrities

And the LUX Style Award goes to… 

You may not have witnessed what the audience did at LUX Style Awards 2019 … Model turned actress Uzma Khan took the name of the winner when she was supposed to read the category’s name. Strange, isn’t it? It was again embarrassing to see Yousuf Salahuddin and Tina Sani ascent the stage only to find out that the recipient of the award Atif Aslam was backstage changing wardrobe and they had to go back. And finally, Khumaryan’s name was announced as the winner of one of the categories but the strange thing was, they were nominated in another category, not that one!

So they had to play the correct category again, the one in which they were actually nominated.  Shows how ill-rehearsed the event was, otherwise these things would not have happened.

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