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Licenses Of 28 Pilots Canceled By CAA, While 93 Suspended

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Amid the ongoing inquiry over the dubious credentials, CAA confirmed the license cancellation of 28 pilots with immediate effect while 93 others have been suspended.

After getting the approval from the federal government, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) issued an official notification on Tuesday, regarding the license cancellation of 28 pilots. The notification also mentioned the suspension of 93 pilots who are under suspicion of providing dubious credentials for the job.

Earlier, Senior Joint Secretary of the Aviation Division, Abdul Sattar Khokhar said the board of inquiry has identified and compiled a list of 262 pilots that possess dubious licenses, and took action on govt.’s order to suspend them immediately.

Khokhar said that the 28 pilots whose licenses have been canceled, are not allowed to undertake any flying operation, as all the legal procedures are done, and they were allowed to prove their innocence. Even the cabinet considered this decision twice before giving the green light.

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Among the 28 personnel, there are seven pilots and one stewardess of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). Khokhar said that the detailed scrutiny of ninety-three suspended pilots with suspicious credentials is in process, and iterated that the main purpose of this inquiry is to protect those who are not guilty of forging fake credentials.

The verification process of the remaining one-forty-one pilots is expected to be completed within one week, according to Khokhar. And this whole process of scrutiny as well as necessary disciplinary action is closely monitored by the Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court (SC) has ordered to file criminal cases against all the officials that are involved in the issuance of these fake credentials to the pilots. The SC ordered the authorities to immediately take disciplinary actions against the pilots that are found guilty of possessing fake licenses.

The SC is also not very pleased with the CAA and PIA and shows its dissatisfaction over their submitted reports. During the proceedings of the case, the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Justice Gulzar Ahmed said that the computer systems of the CAA are not secure enough, as the perpetrators that are involved in these heinous crimes, are getting their salaries easily.

Chief Justice replied to DG CAA, that you are not competent enough to run the CAA, over DG’s comments that the government is bringing reforms in the CAA.

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