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KMC Demolished Welfare Centers Across Karachi!


Welfare Centers like Edhi, Chhipa, Saylani, JDC, etc are working day and night to help those in need which is a big task in a huge city like Karachi.


Be it distributing food to the needy or shifting injured to the hospitals in their ambulances, these organizations are always around when you need them but, KMC doesn’t find them useful.


KMC doesn’t consider them helpful and maybe that’s why they demolished their stands and presence on footpaths as they were taking space, illegally. According to KMC, they are just following the order of the Supreme Court. It is understandable that they are removing encroachments within the city in order to reduce the many traffic jams that take place in Karachi.

However, this does not mean that they should treat these organizations the way they were treating other illegal vendors. These organizations are operating independently and helping people day and night free of cost.


Abdul Sattar Edhi built the world’s largest volunteer ambulance network and gave his blood and sweat to his organization at a time when Government officials were doing nothing for their subjects. They could have been warned in advance so that they could have shifted their base, but it seems for those at the helm, everyone is equal.

Abdul Sattar Edhi built the words largest volunteer ambulance network over decades and the Govt broke it down in a couple of days. 13 Ambulance Filed offices including key locations like Civil and Jinnah Hospital have been demolished. 70% of their operations have been affected with ambulance now not reaching affected in time. Edhi isn't the only one suffering. Chipa, Saylani etc all are being targeted in the name of encroachment. They don't occupy the footpath to make money. They occupy the footpath to be accessible to the poor and help them. As per Senior Director KMC Bashir Siddiqui following number of cabins/branches of welfare centres (Edhi, Chipa, Saylani etc) which have been demolished in the name of encroachment Central 65, East 45, Malir 33, Korangi 85, South 43. Operation will be done in West on Monday. In between SJC, NAB, Arrests, Budget does media have any time to cover what's happening to Karachi. Khi is undergoing heatwave & at the same time Govt is breaking down welfare centres across the city. They aren't commercial centres. They are occupying footpaths to help the poor

Geplaatst door Mohammad Jibran Nasir op Zaterdag 15 juni 2019

Several stands of Edhi ambulances were affected due to this process and 70% operation all over the city came to a halt as the ambulances couldn’t reach on time where needed.


These organizations are not for influential people but for the common men who depend on them to survive in the harsh world.

The renowned philanthropist Ramzan Chhipa, the founder of Chhipa Welfare Organisation, said that they support the authorities and comply with the court order, but the government should inform them in advance, also provide an alternate place so they continue their work.

“We are cooperating with the anti-encroachment staff of the KMC in its operation, but the authorities should think over the issue on humanitarian grounds,” Chhipa elaborated.

Nimra Arshad

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