Killer Karachi Rain Turns Violent As Six People Die

Hyderabad: Waterlogging at a road after heavy rains on Wednesday. PTI Photo (PTI8_31_2016_000246B)

In the last 24 hours, Killer Karachi Rain has taken lives of at least six people including two brothers who passed away of electrocution. Rains with thunderstorm struck all parts of the city including Defence, Clifton, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Malir, Gulshan, and other areas.


Killer Karachi Rain Sinks The Metropolis

Killer Karachi Rain

Due to continuous heavy showers, all the major roads were inundated with water while low-lying areas of the city were submerged. Authorities have asked the citizens to remain indoors during the rain and stay away from electric poles.

Killer Karachi Rain

Killer Karachi Rain To Continue

This is not the end of the rainy season as the country’s largest metropolis is likely to receive intermittent rain during the next 24 hours. According to the Met Office, widespread rains/wind-thunderstorm is expected all over the country with Karachi being worst hit due to incompetent city government and inefficient K Electric.


Karachi Electric Asks Government To Declare Emergency

The power provider started restoring electricity after 12 hours but only after asking the city administration to ‘declare a state of emergency’ that created ‘a critical situation’ in Karachi.

According to the K Electric representative, there were reports of water accumulating around power installations & entering homes. In the interest of public safety and based on requests received from the city administration, electricity supply to areas which were in a state of urban flooding, was temporarily suspended.

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Killer Karachi Rain To Disrupt Eid Day 1

The Pakistan Meteorological Department’s chief meteorologist, Sardar Sarfaraz, was quoted as saying that heavy rain has been forecast in Karachi from Saturday night till August 12 morning. The whole country will be celebrating Eid ul Azha on Monday, the start of the first day of eid is likely to be disrupted by heavy rainfall.

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