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Karachi Eat 2020: Finally Concluded With Some New Foodie Goals!

Karachi Eat 2020

Karachi Eat 2020 known as the food festival of the year ends successfully!

This time Karachi Eat 2020 was a bit organized in form of traffic arrangements to a separate ticket counter for Ladies, which was a lifesaver at that moment. However, the venue was stretched to a bigger field that made everyone tired.

Karachi Eat 2020

There were very few of the good options that caught the eye, unlike the previous year. The Donuts and the Limcas served in the Burj Khalifa Bottle made you crave for more.

On the other hand, we had our very favorite churros dipped in yummy Nutella. There is no place than this one of the biggest and the craziest food festivals to go on food hunt!

These foods got the thumbs up from our side on Karachi Eat 2020 you can find below:

Matka Craze at Karachi Eat 2020!

Karachi Eat 2020


This time Matka Craze was very much visible in the Karachi Eat as we came across the Zafrani Matka Chai from Takht-e-Chai including refreshing mint Lemonade from Nawab Dynasty in Matka.

Karachi Eat 2020

There were Matka Haleems to Matka Biryanis which really make your taste buds dance to its flavorful tunes.

Love for Tacos!

We have seen the love for Tacos like the previous year but we came across many eateries that were serving Tacos including Taco Cat and some others include Pita’s shawarma Taco and Muokata.

Hot Dogs Lovers!

Hot Dogs were the eye-catchers as we have tasted the yummy Shakester from Cheesy Boys… Drty Dogs were in the spotlight if you have the love for the yummy Hot Dogs.

Gold was everywhere in Karachi Eat this was something new!

If we take the prices of the actual Gold it’s filthy expensive but in Karachi Eat you can afford to have a Gold pizza from Crustbros at very reasonable prices. Meetha cravings are always there to get satisfied as Rigos was there to serve there yummylicious scoop of Gold Ice Cream and a gold Paan from Paanwari was worth a try.

Churosstastic fun was there!

Going to Karachi Eat and not having Churros is a crime as the hot chocolaty churros with Nutella was worth of your bites from D’OH and Churrosity.

Overall, it was a fulfilled experience at Karachi Eat: well managed with perfect security. Now fingers crossed for the next year’s fun-filled foodie experience until then have to savor the taste of the recent one.

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