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Kangana Ranaut Wants India To Ban Twitter!

Kangana Ranaut want india to ban twitter - hit in pakistan

Kangana Ranaut is being her usual self again!

As we all know how Rangoli Chandel’s account was suspended by Twitter a few days back for spreading hatred and inciting violence and now her sister and one of the Bollywood’s known diva Kangana Ranaut has come to her defense.

Kangana Ranaut has recently shared a video on her Instagram in which she said that they are being falsely accused and demanded to ban Twitter in India.

In her video, she said:


“We have been falsely accused by Sussanne Khan’s sister Farah Khan Ali and noted Indian filmmaker Reema Kagti for calling for a genocide against Muslims. We only asked for those attacking doctors and police officials to be shot dead… We don’t believe that every Muslim is a terrorist.”

She further stated:

“We do not believe all Muslims are terrorists.”

She also called out social media platforms like twitter saying:

“They earn millions and billions from India, and then soil our ship, … you can call the RSS a terrorist but you cannot call terrorists, terrorists.”

However, this would not be the first time for the actress not to see sense as previously, during the promotion of her film she assaulted a journalist and when she was demanded to defend her false claim she avoided to say anything which led the Mumbai Press Club journalist to boycott the promotions of her film and now this just confirms she never learns from her mistakes.

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