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Jemima Takes A Hilarious Dig at Mufti Kifayatullah’s ‘WikiLeaks’ Comment

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Jemima Responds to Mufti Kifayatullah Comment on WikiLeaks

Mufti Kifayatullah of JUI-F left everyone in a shock after he claimed that the founder of WikiLeaks is a person named ‘Wiki’ and he is also the first cousin of Jemima Goldsmith, the ex-wife of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

In a TV show, the JUI-F cleric claimed that PM Imran Khan, Jemima, the Goldsmith family, Henry Kissinger and ‘Wiki’ of WikiLeaks are all involved in the agenda and he seemed really confident about it.

Watch the video below!

Where Pakistanis were having a good laugh at this gaffe on social, the viral video reached Jemima herself who responded to it an even more hilarious way.

Taking a dig at Mufti Kifayatullah’s comment on a lighter, Jemima Goldsmith really enjoyed this comment and replied to it a series of tweets.

Here’s what Jemima wrote:

And she cannot wait for him to find out about her other cousins Panama Leaks and Vicky Pedia (Wikipedia)

And it looks, our ex Bhabhi is really enjoying all the funny content on ‘Vicky Leaks’

On a serious note, Jemima said that such kinds of comments that she still faces from Pakistan keeping reminding her that no one can beat the madness, vitriol, and corruption of Pakistan’s election.

After the video of Mufti Kifayatullah’s ‘Vicky Leak’ comment went viral on the internet, social media cannot stop reacting to it.

People even found the picture of ‘Vicky’ who has become a celebrity overnight 

Wow. It gets better!

Apparently, Vicky’s son also lives in Pakistan and deals with all the leaks

And..he’s back!

Makes sense!

A filmy twist that we were waiting for!

Okay this is getting serious now

When someone else gets the credit for your hard work!

And many more..

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