Ishaq Dar Finally to be Extradited to Pakistan

Ishaq Dar Finally to be Extradited to Pakistan

After months of speculations and expectations, it is being reported that Pakistan and UK have signed an MOU to extradite Ishaq Dar to Pakistan.

It has further been reported that the MOU was signed between the two countries after talks were held between The British Home Secretary Mr. Sajid Javid and Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Advisor on Accountability, Mr. Shahzad Akbar on the situation of bringing Ishaq Dar back to Pakistan.

In the subsequent election campaign of 2018, PTI vowed to bring major corrupt elements to justice.

This comes in the backdrop of the strong and popular rhetoric of PTI to bring major corrupt elements to justice. It has always been part of PTI’s manifesto to bring corrupt elements to justice. After various inquiries by NAB were initiated pertaining to his Assets Beyond Means, Dar left the country on the pretext of Medical Treatment. However, despite many summonses issued by the courts, he failed to appear. Subsequently, Accountability Court on December 11th of 2017 declared him an absconder. Ishaq Dar has been in London since.

Ishaq Dar Finally to be Extradited to Pakistan

This MOU to extradite Ishaq Dar is a major blow to PML-N and a huge success for PTI.

Not just as the fulfillment of a promise made by PTI but also as a strong indication of the confidence that the British Government has in the democratic and judicial system of Pakistan. This is a very big step in extraditing Ishaq Dar in the absence of an extradition treaty.  Such arrangements have been made by the UK in the past with Rwanda and Taiwan.

Graeme Biggar who is the new Justice and Accountability focal person on behalf of the British Home Secretary Sajid Javid and Shahzad Akbar went on to elaborate that MOU means

Ishaq Dar Finally to be Extradited to Pakistan

“Surrender to the government of Pakistan of Ishaq Dar for the purpose of prosecution there for one or more offenses and for the purpose of serving a sentence of imprisonment”.

The MOU provides a more effective means of combatting crime. The MOU assumes that under the respective legal system there will be a fair trial. Including the right to adjudication by an impartial tribunal established under the law.

The Principle of Dual Criminality is also met under this case in which Ishaq Dar’s alleged cases are extradition offenses. These include offenses that are punishable with more than one year of imprisonment and don’t involve the death penalty.

This MOU is the most that could have been done to bring Ishaq Dar back to Stand Trial in Pakistan

This is also a stark warning to all those running from the law. The present government seems very serious in apprehending and subsequently prosecuting all alleged in corruption. Now it’s watch and wait to see how soon this extradition happens and Dar faces the accountability process.

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