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Is Sajjan Jindal & Sharif’s Meet Up connected with the Extremist Manifesto Of Kashmir?

Sajjan Jindal

If we refresh our memory, a piece of news in 2017 circulated regarding the famous Indian Business Tycoon Sajjan Jindal and his unannounced visit to Pakistan. The Indian giant had an oh so confidential meeting with the former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and we believe that their meeting had a lot to do with what’s happening in Kashmir.

Sajjan Jindal

Pakistani media reported the shocking events and which has raised many eyeballs in both countries. If rumors are to be believed, Sajjan Jindal acred as an intermediary between both the PMs and delivered a message from one to another. Sajjan Jindal has always supported BjP’s policy of annexing Kashmir and his secret visit to Pakistan was very much suspicious.

What message did Sajjan Jindal bring from PM Modi to PM Nawaz Sharif?

Many feel that Nawaz Sharif sold Kashmir in those hushed meeting. Whether Nawaz Sharif knew about Modi government’s plan what they are doing in Kashmir isn’t clear, but debatable.

After this controversy hit the fan, Maryam Nawaz had to explain their relationship with Jindal, which created suspicion than answers.

Moreover, this family friend was provided with the facility of visa on arrival, which is quite shocking for Indian citizens and passport holders. The son of the former PM Nawaz Sharif was the one to receive the tycoon and welcomed him in Pakistan.
If the whole family knew of the old family friend’s visit, why didn’t they inform the main authorities of Pakistan and even their ministers.

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The Foreign Office of Pakistan was not informed about the visit of the big tycoon of India, even the Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar was clueless. The meeting between the two was kept confidential so much so that even the place was not disclosed where it was conducted.

Although the rumors indicate they met at governor house in Murree it isn’t public knowledge as the two conducted their meeting in the garden that doesn’t have the facility of cameras.

Having full privacy was the main motto of the meeting, which seems the best place to have the talks that are alarming because what was discussed that was so confidential is the big question.

Sajjan Jindal was also given a special protocol and his visa was only given for the visit to Lahore and Islamabad however, PM Nawaz Sharif misused his power and allowed him to visit Murree knowing that he does not even have the visa for the particular city.

The situation of Kashmir is bringing all those questions back from the grave. If the previous government did something which they should not have and kept it secret, it is crumbling back to create more mess.

Nimra Arshad

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