Is Nescafe Basement The Answer To Our Prayers?

After a horrible Season 11, many followers of Coke Studio prayed that someone with music sense would take over and steer the music platform in the right direction. If rumors are to be believed, Rohail Hyatt, the man who gave Coke Studio its identity is back at the helm and from Season 12 onwards, it will be back to its roots. However, one platform that has become the nation’s darling due to the CS mishap is Nescafe Basement and with its latest fifth season, it seems to have arrived as an answer to our prayers!

Ever since Strings left Coke Studio, there has been a dearth of quality music in the industry; yes we continue to churn remixes but they are hardly as good as the original except in the case of Mehbooba, Nescafe’s latest sensation to hit the fans. Rendered by Haroon in 2002, the song wasn’t the best of his work as he had many better hits to his name but thanks to the Nescafe Basement rendition, people have started listening to both the versions and even compared the two. There are the Leo Twins performing here who were behind the better Ko Ko Korina version last year while the 13-year-old drummer steals the show by not being intimidated by his much elder colleagues. Good job!

What makes the Nescafe Basement version so good is the fact that the music producer Xulfi hasn’t deviated from the original and instead of remixing it, bettered it in his own way. There was no rap to destroy the song neither was their unnecessary additions that Coke Studio is famous for. In fact, he used a male voice to replace the Lebanese singer with whom Haroon had collaborated and no one seems to mind that at all.

Then there was the new version of Pyar Diya Gallan Karo Ji that was sung by an All Kids Band who did a wonderful job as a team. At first, the song sounds like an amateur attempt at singing but believe me, the more you listen to it, the more you fall in love with it. By the time you have listened to it multiple times, you would forget the original sung nearly 25 years back by Yatagaan (Fakhr-e-Alam), Arid Zone (Yasir Akhtar) and Fringe Benefits (Shehryar Kureishi and Mohammad Ali).

It is because of such sensible music production that the listener’s faith in the revival of music remains alive. One hopes that the Nescafe Basement doesn’t go overboard after defeating the entire Coke Studio Season 11 with a couple of songs and continue to give hits after hits, making both the Cola Giants rethink their strategy if they want to survive.

Hasnain Shafeeq

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