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Irfan Junejo Quits Vlogging, Leaves Fans Teary-eyed!

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‘I don’t like making vlogs anymore’, says Irfan Junejo in latest video

Famous Pakistani YouTuber Irfan Junejo left his fans all teary-eyed after he announced to quit vlogging as a full-time job.

Irfan Junejo announced this big news in his latest video “I QUIT” and shared that he took a long time to make this decision.

Irfan thinks it’s hard to quit something that you love to do and when you are considered as best in the business however, because of self esteem and anxiety issues, he’s finally decided to quit vlogging.

The star also talked about how he has stopped attending events and responding to podcasts requests and that, he does not use camera as often as he used to do.

Junejo also shared that this is not his last video nor he’s deleting his channel however, he won’t be uploading videos as frequently as before.

This news has taken the internet by storm and the diehard followers of Irfan, which means all of us, are teary-eyed after watching his vlog.

Watch the latest vlog of Irfan Junejo below!

Irfan Junejo is considered as the pioneer of vlogging in Pakistan who gained recognition for his work even on international platforms. Starting from scratch, Irfan became the viewers’ favorite through his original content and compelling art of storytelling.

He’s one of the few Pakistani YouTuber who have earned fame through his hard work and dedication and has become an inspiration for our younger generation who aim to pursue career in the digital world.

Now that Irfan Junejo has decided to quit vlogging as a full time job, it will be hard to fill the void and we cannot wait to hear his iconic “SCNZ Kuch Aise Hain” again!

Regardless of that, we wish Junejo all the best for his next adventure and hope to see him comeback even stronger sometime in the future.

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