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Indian Media Goes Berserk With Photo Shopped News Regarding Bushra Bibi

Bushra Bibi

The Pakistani First Lady Bushra Bibi Doesn’t Have A Reflection, Claims Modi Media!

When you think Indian media can’t get any sillier, they prove us wrong. This time, the Indian news agencies have made the most absurd and funny claim that Pakistan’s First Lady Bushra Bibi doesn’t have a reflection in a mirror.

Yes, you heard it right. They can go to any extent after this claim!

They don’t think it’s a joke. They really believe its magic, voodoo and so on and so forth. However, realizing their mistake for sharing such stupid content, later the Indian news source ANI deleted their story. But it was too late for them and their embarrassing mindset as it became viral, and they were declared crazy.

Below you can see their first story as revealed in Indian media:

They also claimed that Bushra Bibi has ‘two full-time working jinns’, to whom she serves a meat buffet daily.  Don’t you think we should get one jinn from her because there is a shortage of Good help these days!

Coming to the source of this propagated news!

Where did this thought even originate from? Sadly, reports state that a Pakistani TV channel was the one to start it, but they named it Daily Capital, like Daily Bugle or Daily Planet. At least they put Pakistan in the same universe as Spider-Man and Superman!

Bushra Bibi

A trash story definitely!

As opposed to forgetting their detective pigeons remarks, the Indian media believed that now’s an ideal opportunity to ‘demonstrate that doubt’.

However, As per ANI, they guaranteed that ‘authorities of the Prime Minister House shared this (mis)information.’

On the other hand Pakistani news channel Capital TV denies circulating this news. Moreover, they have lodged a complaint with the FIA Cyber Crime wing.

However, Twitteratis had a field day with this information:

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Well, it would seem that ANI and the Indian media missed their target with their intended goof up. Meanwhile, Pakistanis are just enjoying it and had a good laugh over the stupid claim.

Nimra Arshad

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