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India To Take On Jammu and Kashmir Through Force


It seems that India’s Modi Government has completely lost it in Indian Occupied Kashmir as it is planning a war on the Kashmiri people. The Indian government is ready to break Kashmir from a state into smaller pieces.


Bharatiya Janta Party is all set to revoke the Article 35-A and 370 from its constitution, which scraps the special status of occupied Kashmir.

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The statement issued by the Indian Home Minister Amit Shah read that “Jammu and Kashmir will be a union territory with legislature while Ladakh will be a union territory without legislature.”

Lets first understand what is Article 370 and how its effects the J & K territory:

– J&K residents have dual citizenship and their own national flag.

– Tenure of all states govt. is 5 years but that of J&K parliament is 6 years.

– Disrespecting Indian flag and other national symbols is not a crime in J&K.

– Indian Supreme court has no Jurisdiction in J&K.

– Indian Parliament can make laws in a very limited domain (Like Defence).

– Majority of powers are with J&K parliament. – A J&K citizen loses the J&K citizenship if s(he) marries an Indian.

– A Pakistani resident gains J&K citizenship if s(he) marries a J&K citizen.

– RTI, RTE, CAG, and the majority of Indian laws are not applicable.

– Kashmir forces sharia law on its citizens, especially women. – Kashmir doesn’t have a Panchayat system.

– Hindu & Sikhs are a minority but they don’t get a 16% reservation.

– Because of Article 370, no outsider (Indians) can purchase land in J&k.

The effects of abrogation of the Article 370 will create a frenzy and now all the rules of it will be scrapped out which is the direct blow to the Indian occupied Kashmiris, their peace and their freedom to live. India will force their rules on Kashmiris and Kashmir would be divided and the Indian Government will hold all the reigns of Kashmir.

According to this constitution of Article 370 Kashmiris and its leaders have some rights to communicate their message or to raise their voices against the Hindu extremism and able to reject the atrocities in the shape of imposing and forcing Kashmiris.

Before the revelation of this news, the leaders of occupied J&K were all in a house arrest and the whole valley is clamped. India is also deploying more troops in the IoK and the situation of the valley is more crucial.

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The leader of Hurriyat Movement Syed Ali Geelani twitter account was suspended due to his tweet where he asked for help from all Muslim to stop this and Indians is about to launch the biggest genocide in the history of mankind.

Nimra Arshad

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