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India Alleged Of Having Fake 4000 Pilots!

India has a bulk of fake pilots as the story unfolds!

Previously, we were hearing the news of fake pilots that were coming from Pakistan and now there is news that the numbers are considerably higher when it comes to fake pilots that are operating under several airlines in India.

Earlier, one of India’s pilots named Parmandar Kaur Galati, who was arrested on the charges of forging her mark sheet to acquire a pilot’s license is now been suspended. Not only that another arrest has been made of Captain JK Verma who was serving the national carrier Air India.

However, to be a licensed pilot in India they have to qualify in three subjects but in the case of Pilot Galati, the DGCA’s investigation shows that she hasn’t cleared two papers, so she made a fake license.

According to the statement of a Senior Police official, “we have arrested Verma” and the investigation regarding him is still going on. The official also revealed that they are been provided with more names that came under the wing of suspicion by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

India’s Secretary of aviation Naseem Zaidi has also accepted that DGCA investigating the license of the suspicious fake pilots and the count is estimated at 3000 to 4000.

It all came back when 2 months back, an investigation started after the alleged landing of Parmandar Kaur Galati. Her issue was reported to the Aviation Watchdog, DGCA who has accepted that 4000 pilot’s licenses are been investigated in India.

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