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Incompetency Of Hospital Takes Infant’s Life

Incompetency Of Hospital Took An Infant’s Life: Who Is To Be Blamed?

A nine-month-old infant Nashwa who was paralyzed earlier this month after being given the wrong dosage of injection at Darul Sehat Hospital in Karachi passed away on Monday morning.

The infant was admitted due to diarrhea and on 7th April the girl Nashwa, was allegedly administered the overdose of Potassium Chloride (KCL) intravenously rather than via a drip and minutes later, her lips turned blue and she had begun having breathing problem due to her increased heartbeat.

She was immediately rushed to the ICU and administered CPR for 45 minutes, which paralyzed her brain and her body parts which included her eyes, hands, feet, and mouth, however, she was shifted to the ventilator.

Later she was shifted to Liaquat National Hospital for further treatment, but she could not survive the damage and died on Monday morning, confirmed the hospital’s spokesperson.

This isn’t the first incident of the wrong prescription at Darul Sehat and given the circumstance in Pakistan, shockingly, wouldn’t be the last one. Private hospitals have their very own imposing business model as there is no administrative body to check their activities. The administration of the vast majority of the private emergency hospitals incorporates financial specialists having an industrialist approach, maintaining their business at the profit-loss premise.

They hire incompetent staff on low pay scales, playing with the lives of patients who pay hefty bills for the best services. Various cases have been reported including the passing of patients only as a result of being administered ill-suited drugs or the wrong combination of high-risk doses. It mirrors the sheer inadequacy of doctors and Para-medicinal staff.

It also shows the state’s failure due to unavailability of best health facilities for its citizens due to that, they are helpless to take their loved ones to Private hospitals and pay huge fees. The purpose of private hospitals is just doing business rather than saving a life and Nashwa’s case is an eye-opener for us all.

Nimra Arshad

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