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Imran Khan Narrowly Avoids Disaster After Leaving NYC

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PM Imran Khan escapes disaster after his plane developed a technical fault

Prime Minister Imran Khan will be in New York for longer than he planned. The plane he was coming back to Pakistan on developed technical faults and had to be grounded four hours after it took off. 

In an astonishing turn of events, moments after delivering a knockout speech at the United Nations General Assembly, Imran Khan left the UN building and started his journey back home. The Prime Minister was coming back to Pakistan in a plane owned by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman. He also arrived in the US on the crown prince’s plane. He left for the US from Saudi Arabia.

The United States seems to have taken a liking to Imran Khan

However, four hours after taking off, the prime minister’s plane had to make an emergency landing at New York’s John F Kennedy Airport. There is reportedly an issue in the plane’s electronics system. He is safe and sound.

The Prime Minister is urgently needed back home to deal with Pakistan’s multiple crises but it looks like the United States has taken a special liking to our Prime Minister. 

Officials said if they had continued ahead with the journey, there was a strong chance of an accident.

Imran Khan will stay in New York for the day and has gone to a hotel.

Prime Minister delivers a knock-out punch to Climate Change, Islamophobia and India

Prime Minister Imran Khan was in the US for the UN General Assembly. He addressed the assembly on September 27 and discussed Islamophobia and the Indian occupation of Kashmir.

In a brilliant speech spanning 51 minutes, he tackled 4 critical points and won the hearts of even his most ardent critics.

He castigated India over its Kashmir crackdown from the podium, warning of a blood bath when and if Indian authorities lift a curfew over the disputed territory.

The speech by the PM at the UNGA was partly directed at his Indian counterpart, Narendra Modi, who in his own speech earlier Friday omitted any reference to Kashmir.

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