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Imam-ul-Haq Allegedly Accused of Cheating with Multiple Women, Social Media Reacts

imam ul haq

Pakistani star cricketer Imam-ul-Haq finds himself in hot waters as he has been allegedly accused of cheating with several women.

Screenshots of Imam-ul-Haq ’s WhatsApp conversations with multiple girls surfaced on the internet on Wednesday and they are circulating everywhere.

The source who shared these screenshots claimed that Pakistani opener manipulated seven to eight women into dating him at the same time. The screenshots show that these conversations took place over the passage of the last few months and Imam also met the girls on a few occasions.

imam ul haq

imam ul haq

The source who posted these screenshots also claimed that they have additional pictorial and video evidence that will be shared only if the girls agree to.


imam ul haq

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Another source on Twitter shared some pictures of Imam-ul-Haq writing that women are in no way objects and should not be treated that way.


As soon as these screenshots appeared on social media, people have a mixed response on this controversy. Where many are talking against Imam-ul-Haq, others think that it should not be considered as a part of #Metoo movement because these conversations were consensual.

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Many think that Imam should be called cheater but this is not harassment. 

After Ukhano and Mohsin Abbas Haider, this is the latest case that has taken all over the internet. Imam-ul-Haq has not yet spoken about this and let’s see what will be his response.

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