"> Hit In Pakistan | Human Rights Watch Slams India For Discrimination & Harsh Restrictions In Indian Occupied Kashmir!

Human Rights Watch Slams India For Discrimination & Harsh Restrictions In Indian Occupied Kashmir!

Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch (HRW) shared its statement on Tuesday!

The Human Rights Watch has slammed India for their harsh and discriminatory laws and treatment with the Kashmiris on the one year siege of revocation of article 370 and 35A that snatched the special status of the territory.

Human Rights Watch

The statement that has shared HRW says:

“The government’s unwarranted restraints on the rights to free speech, access to information, health care, and education have been intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

According to the South Asia director of Human Rights Watch Meenakshi Ganguly shared:

“Indian government claims that it was determined to improve Kashmiri lives ring hollow one year after the revocation of Jammu and Kashmir’s constitutional status.”

As she continued:

“The authorities instead have maintained stifling restraints on Kashmiris in violation of their basic rights.”

Further, the statement stated:

“The policy contains vague and overbroad provisions that are open to abuse and could unnecessarily restrict and penalize legally protected speech.”

Also, the group asked the Indian authorities to take “immediate steps to protect rights by releasing political detainees; upholding the right to free speech, including by withdrawing cases against journalists and activists; restoring full internet access; and holding to account officials responsible for rights violations.”

“Even as the pandemic is forcing the world to address discrimination and inequality, the Indian government is persisting with its repression of Kashmiri Muslims,” noted Ganguly.

She asked India to “reverse its abusive policies and provide remedies for those whose rights were violated,” the statement concluded.

As twitter is sharing and highlighting it has been one year since the Kashmiris were ripped off from their actual rights in the form revoking the Article 370 and 35A and the hashtag is trending on Pakistani twitter #OneYearSiege, Kashmir, iiojk to bring the notice to the brutal atrocities of the Indian government on innocent Kashmiri’s.

Here are some of the tweets that are been shared to highlight the matter and show the support to Kashmiri brothers and sisters:


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