Hum TV – Inkaar Episode 4 Review

To take the story forward from the classic cliffhanger end of the third episode was always going to be a challenge for writer Zafar Mairaj and director Kashif Nisar, but tha two did a wonderful job with the latest episode thanks to their brilliant actors.

The episode revolved around the aftermath of the relationship that developed between Shayan (Sami Khan) and Hajra (Yumna Zaidi). Not only does he help her getting reinstated at her school, but fights off a goon which surprises her considering he didn’t raise his hand against her brother. The episode ends with Rehan (Imran Ashraf) getting to know about their engagement which takes place in front of both the families.

This episode belonged to Yumna Zaidi who portrayed the character of a shocked woman to perfection. Her character was shown to mistrust men and that’s why she was angry at Sami Khan’s character. As Shayan, Sami played the lover boy to perfection and it would be great to see him and Imran Ashraf share the screen together. Veterans Rehan Sheikh, Noor ul Hassan and others also did a good job as did the background music which was as good as any character. Lets see how the story unfolds with Rehan Chaudhary making a return in Hajra’s life with Shayan as the new guy in her life.

Omair Alavi

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