Hum TV – Inkaar Episode 3 Review

From Bhola to Dracula, that’s the best way to describe the latest switch of Imran Ashraf. He plays the mentally challenged Bhola in the mega-hit serial Ranjha Ranjha Kardi while made his entry as Rehan Chaudhry in Inkaar, where he plays a shady character, a fact that is revealed as part of the backstory that Hajra (Yumna Zaidi) narrates to Shayan (Sami Khan) at the start of the episode.

The episode revolves around the relationship between Hajra and Rehan, how they meet, become friends and come close to each other. While she is the daughter of the Mithai Wala (Rehan Sheikh), he is the son of the prominent Politician; they both study in the same university as Shayan who is yet to appear in the flashback. Rehan falls in love with Hajra in his crooked way who also finds herself getting attached to him. The episode ends when he shows his true colors to her and traps her in his room, when she visits his house to inquire about his health.

Despite the drama having Sami Khan who himself played a psychopath in Khudgharz last year, watching Imran Ashraf in action is a treat. If you don’t know that he is the guy behind Bhola, you will not be able to deduce that both the characters are played by the same person. In most of the episode, he is the ideal lover boy any girl would love to date as he carries her purse, picks up her sandals and makes her feel on top of the world. He even tells their Principal that he and Hajra are a couple, making him go soft on Hajra.

Until he shouts at her in the penultimate scene of the drama, making you realize that there is more to Rehan Chaudhry than meets the eye. He acts suspicious in front of his servant, tries to get close to Hajra and when she refuses to budge in, makes her feel threatened by his presence. Let’s see how the next episode unfolds but one thing is certain, the magic of Zafar Meraj and Kashif Nisar has done the trick. People will want to know the reason why Hajra left her university, and why she distrusts men in her life. Sami Khan has less to do in this episode but we are waiting for his clash with the psycho Rehan since they both are students in the timeline that changed Hajra’s future.


Omair Alavi

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