Hum TV – Inkaar Episode 2

The second episode of Drama serial “Inkaar” further exposed the main cast – Hajra (Yumna Zaidi) is shown to be a very status-conscience girl, while Shayan (Sami Khan) wants to win her heart by hook or by crook.

As Shayan tries to stalk her to find out more about her, he encounters some goons trying to harass her but he saves her from them. However, Hajra’s brother punches him, believing him to be the person who was stalking her. Hajra explains the entire situation to her father who doesn’t believe her and assumes that she is involved with Shayan.

In her absence, her parents decide to tie her knot; wrapping up the episode. What will be Hajra’s reaction after finding out about the decision? So far, the character of Imran Ashraf is not shown and it is his entrance that keeps the audience busy. Yumna Zaidi is doing a great job as well as Sami Khan and their performances are quite believable.

Let’s wait for the next episode to be aired and see what Hajra does and what will Shayan’s reaction be to the decision.

Tehreem Alavi

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