Hum TV – Anaa Episode 6 Review

Hum TV - Anaa Episode 9 Review

The week’s episode of Anaa commences with Daneen’s (Hania Amir) wedding festivities that kick off after Daneen and her father were rudely treated at Dadi Saheb in the previous episode.

Anaa Episode 6 Review

The situation escalates when Dada Saheb (Irfan Khoosat) passes away while trying to motivate Daneen to be brave in such dreadful times, and that he knows that Areesh has left her.

Dadi Saheb (Seemi Raheel) finally shows up at her brother’s funeral, filled with grief but Daneen explodes and pours her heart out for their cruelty and cold-hardheartedness, making her leave without seeing her deceased brother’s face.

Anaa Episode 6 Review

Following the burial, Areesh visits Daneen’s place where she blasts him for letting them down, reminding him of the promise that he made to Dada Saheb for taking care of her.

On another front, things are getting excited between Izza (Naimal Khawar) and Altamash (Usman Mukhtar) as their taunting takes a turn towards a sign that they might end up together.

Anaa Episode 6 Review

And it is after the grieving period that Daneen and Saif (Alamdar Khan) get married. Areesh, on the other hand, tries to forget Daneen and vows to be with Aania forever.

Anaa Episode 6 Review

Daneen deals with a very awkward wedding night, followed by next morning when she pays a visit to her father’s house where she discloses everything to Izza soullessly about Saif and his disinterest towards her.

Director Shahzad Kashmiri has executed the script perfectly, powered by strong characterization, with special mention to Hania Aamir for doing pure justice to her character.

Tooba Malik

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