Hum TV – Aangan Episode 14

The fourteenth episode of Drama serial “Aangan” revolves around Chammi’s insanity (Sajal Ali) and the death of Dadi. While Jamil’s mother (Uzma Baig) is looking for a highly educated wife for her son (Ahad Raza Mir), he has fallen in love with Aaliyah (Mawra Hoccane). On the other hand, Chammi finds out about Jamil and Aaliyah and it makes her very angry.

The story is moving at a slow pace but with Ehteshamuddin directing and Mustafa Afridi writing, the viewers are hopeful that things will move quickly in the future episodes. Aaliyah’s character seems to be the only one who is sure of herself and knows what she wants. Otherwise, Jamil has been a disappointment as a character and Ahad Raza Mir makes it look bad, kudos to him for doing that. Sajal Ali continues to do an excellent job although the revelation that one of the Phupis of the household might be alive seems too far fetched. One hopes that the drama stops moving in circles and explodes in such a big way that people would rate it as big as Dastaan, in coming years!


Tehreem Alavi

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