‘Hum Aik Hain’ by Xulfi Will Unleash Your Patriotism!

The music maestro Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan, aka Xulfi, is back again with a masterpiece ‘Hum Aik Hain’ by Coca Cola.

The mesmerizing anthem takes us on a ride to culturally rich cities all over the country to unearth the sound of Pakistan with the message of ‘unity’!

Written and composed by Xulfi, the latest Coca Cola’s anthem is the largest culturally rooted orchestra ever featured in a song in Pakistan. The strong vocals of Adnan Dhool along with the tune of novel instruments, the song will strike a chord in your heart with all nostalgic feels!

And, with world cup fever on its peak these days, it will definitely unleash your inner patriotism!

Watch & Listen to Coca Cola’s ‘Hum Aik Hain’ by Xulfi!


The spectacle music video is shot in various parts of the country. It has successfully embodied the true essence of unity while promoting our local culture. Moreover, the rendition of Alamgir’s iconic song also features many local musical instruments we didn’t even know exist!

Pakistanis are cricket enthusiasts and the passion for this game unites the whole country. This anthem will further spark their patriotism during the world cup because even listening to it gives us goosebumps!

And of course, it’s melodious tune will surely tug at your heartstrings!

Xulfi shared on social media that ‘Hum Aik Hain’ has been his passion project from the beginning.

Here’s is what he wrote:

Hum aik hain

 Coca Cola Pakistan also shared this video with the most patriotic caption ever!

‘Hum Aik Hain’ has also created a stir on social media where unity is now trending!

Also, ‘Hum Aik Hain’ is now the official anthem for many crickets fans this world cup!

Moreover, people are excited that Xulfi is finally a part of the Coke family!

Kayenat Kalam

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