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How To Avoid Nakas, Sci-Tech Minister Goes To Public

Sci-Tech Minister

Sci-Tech Minister Fawad Chaudhry’s  High Tech Solutions for Police Nakas!

Minister of Sci-Tech Fawad Chaudhry has asked the people to come up with some hardcore ideas to avoid Police nakas. He wants people to share some technological solutions to avoid search points and get paid for the best idea.

The winning idea will receive 2 Million Rupees and they have only 3 weeks to send their ‘solution’.

He tweeted:

“Hi, there! How can we get rid of Police Nakas (search points) come up with technology solutions, we ‘ll award 2 Million to the winning idea…. you have three weeks get-set-go.”

People are appreciating the idea that will help the young generation to brainstorm and find the best technological solution. The people are very open to sharing their valuable ideas regarding the solution.

Here below are some of the solutions that can help according to the masses:

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