How are you, Wing Commander Abhinandan?


How are you, Wing Commander Abhinandan?!?!?!

Yes, you heard it right. Every Pakistani wants to know what is going on with Indian Air Force Officer Abhinandan and how is he being treated back in his own country. Don’t be shocked but had he stayed a little longer, he might have ended up as a peace-loving person than a warmongering Indian.

tea stall

Yes, Abhinandan you were the enemy sent here to kill Pakistanis but we are good hosts, and after we downed your plane, we treated you like any guest, from anywhere in the world. In fact, the tea drinking act of yours became so popular that our local chai wala placed a banner on his tea stall with a tagline (Aisi Chai Keh Dushman Ko Bhi Dost Banaye), promoting peace, unlike your chai wala.


We know that you are being treated as a suspect in your country but we hoped that your going back would ease tensions between the two countries. I hope there is someone in India who understands you and makes the people understand our point of view.


We served you tea, we made memes regarding your mustache and whatever you said while being in Pakistan has become part of the pop culture. You may not be the last Air Force pilot to crash in Pakistan, but you were the first to be sent back with so much fanfare. We just want to spread the message of peace Abhinandan, not war, like your compatriots and we hope that you understand that.

So tell us Abhinandan, we, the people of Pakistan, want to know … how are you?

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Nimra Arshad

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