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High Treason Case: Special Courts Hands Death Penalty To Pervez Musharraf

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Pervez Musharaf was found guilty of imposing emergency in 2007

Former President General Pervez Musharraf was handed a death sentence by a special court, hearing the high treason case. The decision was announced by the three-member bench of the special court earlier today. The former president was found guilty of imposing an emergency on 3rd November 2007 after which the lawyer’s movement took the country by storm.

A detailed verdict regarding Pervez Musharraf will be issued in 48 hours

According to reports, a detailed verdict — split 2-1 — will be issued in 48 hours. General retired Pervez Musharraf is currently in Dubai and is unable to travel to Pakistan due to health issues. The high treason trial of the former dictator had been pending since December 2013. He was indicted in 2014, however, due to litigation at appellate forums, the trial lingered on, and the former ruler left Pakistan in March 2016.

The verdict announced was reserved last month

The special court — comprising Justice Seth, Justice Nazar Akbar of the Sindh High Court (SHC) and Justice Shahid Karim of the LHC —announced the verdict it had reserved on November 19. However, due to the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) government’s intervention, the IHC stopped the special court from issuing its verdict.

Pakistan Army rejects the court’s decision

Meanwhile, the Pakistan Army has vehemently rejected the court’s decision terming Pervez Musharraf a traitor.

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