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Here Is What Michael Jackson’s Nephew Wants To Say About Pakistan!

Jaafar Jackson - Hit in Pakistan

Michael Jackson’s nephew Jaafar Jackson is currently in Lahore!

It was unfortunate that the King of Pop singing Michael Jackson could never visit the country but that doesn’t mean Pakistan doesn’t have his fan following. The country is full of his loveable fans that still follow the iconic dance moves from moonwalks to exquisite dancing styles.

However, Pakistan is fortunate enough to host the pop King’s nephew Jaafar Jackson who is currently in Lahore for the first time and he is in love with the country in his very first visit.

Jaafar Jackson is a budding singer, songwriter, and entertainer. He was taken aback by the love and hospitality he has received from the country.

On his first day in Pakistan, he shared on his Instagram:

“The first day in Pakistan been looking forward to this trip and experiencing different cities. Also looking forward to meeting the students at a few of the universities I’ll be visiting.”

He now seems to be enjoying the country as he shared:


“Really enjoyed my time in Islamabad and now enjoying Lahore.”

China-Pakistan Investment Corporation has brought him for a tour to Pakistan. He shared the experience of receiving love from everywhere he visited in Pakistan and the warm welcome they gave to him wherever he went was amazing.

He said:

“Everyone in the country has been so kind, welcoming and sweet. So, it means a lot to me, and I look forward to coming back here, doing a show, and interacting with more people.”

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