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Hareem Shah’s ‘Nakhry Baaz’ Takes Social Media by Storm

Hareem Shah's 'Nakhry Baaz'

Hareem Shah releases debut song ‘Nakhry Baaz’

The infamous TikTok star Hareem Shah is making headlines for the last few months and has become quite a ‘celebrity’ on other social media platforms as well. Shockingly, Hareem Shah has now stepped into the world of music by releasing her debut single ‘Nakhry Baaz’ and Pakistanis cannot stop talking about it!

Taking to Twitter, Hareem shared the video of her song which also features Sandal Khattak and rapper Aash Chughtai.

Here is my first video song Nakhry Baaz. Hope you all like & enjoy it !!

Hareem Shah’s ‘Nakhry Baaz’ is receiving an interesting reaction on social media

And people are like

They are comparing it with Tahir Shah’s iconic ‘eye to eye’

Another Dhinchakk Pooja in the making?

Fiza Hussain aka Hareem Shah stole the spotlight after her video went viral on the internet in which she was roaming around the conference room at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and sat on Prime Minister’s chair. This video raised eyebrows over the security in the high-level government office.

Later, pictures of Hareem Shah with famous personalities including PM Imran Khan also surfaced on the internet along with an indecent video call with a Federal Minister which has further raised many questions.

Hareem Shah’s Father Apologizes For Daughter’s Controversial Videos

Hareem Shah’s father Zarrar Hussain Shah shared a video message seeking an apology from those who were offended and faced embarrassment because of Hareem’s videos.

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