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‘Hamesha’ by Momina Mustehsan and Uzair Jaswal is a Melodious Treat

Hamesha Momina Mustehsan Uzair Jaswal

Uzair Jaswal, Momina Mustehsan’s New Single ‘Hamesha’

Last year in September, the news of Uzair Jaswal and Momina Mustehsan collaborating for a song ‘Hamesha’ surfaced and its teaser left us all intrigued!

Finally, Uzair Jaswal and Momina Mustehsan have released their much-awaited single ‘Hamesha’ but it’s not just a melodious treat as its video seems no less than like a short film.

Regardless of that, the track is bound to take you on a melodious ride and remind you of your first love with whom you made promises to live forever!

The music video of ‘Hamesha’ features Momina and Uzair who are shown as a young couple surrounded with love, hopes, and promises. However, their story takes an unexpected twist and their dreams shatter into a million pieces.

‘Hamesha’ is a perfect blend of soft vocals, melodious tune and heartfelt lyrics. The song is a slow number with a violin and keyboard and doesn’t involve any electronic music.

The video is comprised of some beautiful shots. Uzair and Momina make one lovely couple and their on-screen chemistry made it worth watching amidst all the confusion.

Listen to ‘Hamesha’ by Uzair Jaswal and Momina Mustehsan below!

Taking to Twitter, Uzair Jaswal shared this song and wrote:

In the journey of life, love can determine the path we end up on. We can either choose forever or live a lifetime of broken dreams.

Momina Mustehsan also posted a caption on Instagram with a question for all of us.

And if I ask you to not let go, to fight our demons together, to honor our promise of forever and fulfill our dreams of a lifetime of love – will you?

What do you think about ‘Hamesha’? Let us know in the comments below!

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