Geo TV – Romeo Weds Heer Episode 27, 28

The light-hearted play Romeo Weds Heer shares a double dose of fun but, unfortunately, fails to impress us. The episodes are highly wearisome and the depicted botched comedy becomes intolerable after some time.

Romeo (Feroze Khan) who has been faking his leg pain, is caught dancing with Heer (Sana Javed). Once exposed, he starts acting normal and is taken to the hospital by her mother (Saman Ansari) and after a hilarious turn of events, things settle down.

However, the newly-wed couple sets off on their honeymoon, whereas both the families also follow them to keep an eye on them (for their safety).

The drama is getting more tedious day by day. The script is absolutely hollow and is revolving around repetitive and monotonous ideas. The director Anjum Shahzad is really clumsy at depicting comedy and the prolonged delay between the comedy dialogues of the characters shows the bogus approach adopted by the director towards script handling. Performers are good, but the direction is utterly poor which therefore fails to create an impact. All the characters are depicting clockwork performances whereas the subject of comedy has a lot of scope in it. The writer Younis Butt must add something new to save the play. The director and writer must focus on the shortcomings seriously or else get ready for the bad news on behalf of the audience. Moreover, you can give the episodes a miss if you seriously value your time.

Sheheryar Shahid

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