Geo TV – Romeo Weds Heer Episode 26 Review

The zealous serial Romeo Weds Heer depicts a high-spirited episode yet again and finally manages to raise our bar after a series of monotonous episodes. The latest one contains some traditional chuckle some moments which amuse us effortlessly.

The episode starts with the arrogant Shehnaz (Saman Ansari) who refuses to apologize to Heer (Sana Javed)’s family. Anyhow, Raja (Zia Gorchani) surprises Romeo (Feroze Khan) and Heer by bringing her family to the ceremony. Afterward, Luqman (Firdaus Jamal) takes the newlywed couple to his home as part of a mandatory tradition. Romeo feels really uncomfortable because of his crazy in-laws. Moreover, he also falls from the rooftop of the house and is saved hilariously by everyone.

The episode deals with the post-Valima traditions and rib-tickling situation of Romeo stranded among wacky people. The sequence in which Romeo falls from the rooftop is the highlight of the episode. How hilariously and naturally it has been penned down by the writer Younis Butt. I also like the relativity of the scenes presented by the director and finally, the episode is free of all the technical issues, even the background score resonates with the situations.

The comical acts done by Firdaus Jamal as Hakeem sb, Ali Rizvi as Aflataoon and Shafaat Ali as Nazar are really fantastic. Despite the loose handling of the drama, the characterization of the play will surely get a cult status: each and every performer deliver its best performance like Saman Ansari, Tara Mehmood, Zia Gorchani and Fareeda Shabbir. I think the direction department still needs to work on some aspects so that the audience begins to expect once again.

Sheheryar Shahid

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