Geo TV – Romeo Weds Heer Episode 24 Review

Romeo Weds Heer gives us some comical moments through another cherishing episode which does not include anything concrete in terms of content but still amuses us through rib-tickling sequences. The writer Dr. Younis Butt showcases his prowess over comedy by penning down hilarious situations and equally delightful characterization.

Post-ceremony and all the fuss, Romeo and Heer’s life post marriage doesn’t go as expected; their families visit them in their new home and come to blows hilariously when both of them refuse to leave. Faryal (Michelle Mumtaz) also makes her entry to pick her bag, angering Heer (Sana Javed) who thinks Romeo (Feroze Khan) is cheating on her. After breaking much crockery, she decides to leave the house but after Romeo explains everything to her, they reconcile.

It was Firdous Jamal’s expressions that were the heart of this episode; the catfight between Saman Ansari and Tara Mehmood multiplies the atmosphere of the play and the director Anjum Shahzad must be commended for the wonderful performances. Every actor gives their best here making it a must watch drama for the entire family. Moreover, the chemistry of Feroze and Sana is way too cute and their performances are spellbinding too. What is to be pondered is the where the drama will go from here, when everything has been sort of resolved. Let’s wait and see!


Omair Alavi

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