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Future Of Electric Vehicles Looks A Long Lost Plan In Pakistan!

Electric Vehicle

Car lobby of the giants restricting electric vehicles to be introduced in Pakistan!

The campaigners of electric vehicles blame the lobbying and political difficulties in delaying introducing electric vehicles in Pakistan as they are scared of losing the market of the fossil fuel industry.

In the recent Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) the policy for electric vehicles to be manufactured is allowed that includes two or three wheels vehicles in Pakistan and there is no mention of the four wheels intentionally.

Shaukat Qureshi the General Secretary at the Pakistan Electric Vehicles & Parts Manufacturers & Traders Association (PEVPMTA) shared his disappointment while saying:

“We are pained and disappointed to see that electric cars have been excluded from the five-year electric vehicle policy.”

He continued saying:

“We were the ones who carried out all the analysis and research and provided them with country-wide data which helped them give a direction to their policy. We were included in all the stakeholder meetings and consultations, and today we have been left high and dry.”

Malik Amin Aslam advisor to Prime Minister on climate change who is working for the EV policy said:

“The Ministry of Climate Change (MoCC) in its earlier policy document gave a clear target and policy recommendation for four-wheelers also, which was passed by cabinet, but has been delayed in an ECC sub-committee.”

The minister for Pakistan’s Industries and production, Hammad Azhar who shared the decision on Twitter saying:

“The policy for four-wheelers is being deliberated and will be finalized shortly,” although he did not reveal the reason for its delay.

PEVPMTA has accused the delay was all because the giants that are hovering the automobile market of billions of dollars are obstructing the policy to be delayed due to the availability of electric vehicles and the decrease in the demand of the fossil fuels cars.

According to the Rafay Alam an environmental lawyer and the member of Pakistan climate change council:

“The car lobby is terrified. It doesn’t take much to assemble an EV; it has far fewer moving parts than a combustion engine car and EV plants will employ far fewer people. The dinosaurs are fearing extinction!”

He further added:

“The EV policy has been stalled because of this ludicrous infighting between the MoCC and the car lobby.”

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