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Famous Model Iffat Omar Testifies Against Ali Zafar on Behalf of Meesha Shafi

Iffat Omar Meesha Shafi

Iffat Omar Appeared as the Second Witness on Behalf of Meesha Shafi

After the veteran actress Saba Hamid supported Meesha Shafi’s allegations against Ali Zafar in the court, another prominent name from our entertainment has now testified against the singer. Model turned actress Iffat Omar appeared in the court on Saturday as the second witness on behalf of Meesha Shafi to record her statement in the sexual harassment case.

According to Dawn Images, Iffat Omar recalled the time when Meesha Shafi was very disturbed over this issue before she went public with her allegations against Zafar.

Iffat told the court that she cannot imagine Saba Hamid and Meesha Shafi would ever lie because they both enjoy a good reputation in the industry and are highly respected.

 “I can never imagine that they would ever lie.”

The former model also stated that Shafi had visited her house 10 days prior to going public with sexual harassment accusations against Ali Zafar. Omar added that she seemed very distressed but would not reveal what was wrong. She further clarified that Meesha Shafi only detailed the incident after she posted her allegations on Twitter.

Moreover, Iffat Omar told the court that she was aware of the allegations leveled by Leena Ghani, Maham Javaid and Humna and that she fully believed in the allegations made by these women.

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She added that there are other women who have similar allegations against Zafar but they have not shared their experiences publicly due to the fear of backlash and threats.

Here’s what Iffat Omar said about Meesha Shafi

“It is very difficult for any woman to go public with something like this.I’m not supporting Meesha just because she’s my friend.”

Earlier, Saba Hamid had also recorded her statement as the first witness on behalf of Meesha Shafi. The veteran actress also hinted that there are some other women who are afraid to speak against Ali Zafar because of the fear of being threatened.

The court has adjourned the cases to November 9, 2019.

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