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Fakhr e Alam Makes Electrifying Comeback in PISA2020 After 15 Years!

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Fakhr e Alam announces to drop music album

Where the Pakistan International Screen Awards 2020 are making headlines for all the wrong reasons, the event also had some memorable moments including the electrifying musical performance by Fakhr e Alam on stage which also marked his comeback after 15 years of hiatus.

Considered as the first-ever rapper/hip hop artist of Pakistan, Fakhr e Alam set the stage on fire with his power-packed performance comprising of his old hits which enticed the whole crowd. The very talented Saad Hayat was behind the rearranging and production of the music.

pisa 2020

Watch the video below!

The star also got together with many other Pakistani celebrities in this event who congratulated him for his amazing performance and asked him to get back into the game. Fakhr e Alam said that he’s extremely grateful for the appreciation and kind words.

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For his successful energetic comeback, the singer thanked the director Sohail Javed who helped him design the production for his set. He also added that this performance on stage after 15 years has rekindled an old flame inside him.

“After a gap of 15 years I took to the stage again to give a musical performance. It was a polite reminder to many as to who actually was the 1st ever rapper/hip hop artist of Pakistan.”


Fakhr e Alam announced to drop a hip hop album soon

Excitingly, he has also announced to get back into the studio and will be releasing a hip-hop/rap album soon. He shared that the lyrics will be radical, rebellious and the album will come with parental advisory.

Here’s what Fakhr e Alam said:

“I am happy to announced that I am getting back into the studio to drop a hiphop/rap album and I will need your support and good wishes. The lyrics will be radical, rebellious and the album will come with parental advisory. So let’s get to it. Let’s point those middle fingers to the sky and show them how it’s done.”

PISA 2020

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