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Ex Indian Army General Loses His Senses On Live TV!


Incredible India is all about hatred and it is revealing its true face like his Ex Indian Army General!

The real face of India is full of hatred and we are not just saying that the Indians are confirming it themselves. We have always known about their shameless thinking but to say it on TV, that can only happen in India.


First, they send the Army to Kashmir so that they can call Kashmir their own, then their Generals lose their senses on National TV while talking about the region.

Just recently, a former Indian Army Major General SP Sinha spoke of Kashmiri women as if they were not human, calling for their rape during a live talk show.

The guy who served his country for years in the Army was part of a live television program where he shared his derogatory remarks. Despite the pleas from the anchor, he lost it completely and began shouting ‘Rape for Rape’ on top of his voice.

The anchor tried to shut him up but he was out for blood and didn’t put an ear to her pleas. The video clip went viral on Sunday night and shocked people who all over the world, including India.

Not only that, but he also shared his views of ‘death for a death’ showing the true face of the backward thinking of incredible India. In the name of secular India they have people who think like this former soldier and have the audacity to call for such a heinous act, on live tv.

People are angry and SP Sinha receiving a lot of backlash on social media for his outrageous comments:

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Nimra Arshad

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