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Danyal Zafar Breaks Silence on Controversial Video of ‘Blue Butterfly’

Danyal Zafar

The music video of ‘Blue Butterfly’ faced social media backlash 

Danyal Zafar has finally broken silence on the controversial video of his latest single ‘Blue Butterfly’ that was facing social media backlash.

Making his international debut with an album of the same name, Danyal had released ‘Blue Butterfly’ back in October and the song instantly caught the attention of many with a beautiful composition and heartfelt lyrics.

The song explores the highs and lows of love through the eyes of a young man, written and composed by Danyal Zafar himself.

Danyal Zafar’s Debut Single ‘Blue Butterfly’ Will Tug at Your Heartstrings!

However, after Danyal released the music video a few days back and it faced a lot of criticism for being controversial and bold for Pakistanis.

Watch the video of ‘Blue Butterfly’ below!

The young singer has now cleared that the video of ‘Blue Butterfly’ is not meant for the Pakistani audience.

Talking to Galaxy Lollywood, Danyal Zafar said:

“The video is actually meant for a western audience, as I want to work on a couple of English albums and have a set-up in place in Los Angeles.”

He further added that the video is a non-linear expression of art and is aesthetically shot.

“The entire video is aesthetically shot. It’s just this non-linear expression of art that was explored by the director and I, along with the team.”

Danyal Zafar knows that many people might not relate with it or understand the way he thought they would and said,

“We can’t do much about it. It’s a perceptive piece.”

After Danyal Zafar dropped the music video of ‘Blue Butterfly’, Twitter was filled with a crazy response and people simply couldn’t stop talking about it.

Blue angel or Blue Butterfly?

While some were like

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