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Court Stops Proceedings In Meesha Shafi’s Defamation Suit Against Ali Zafar

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Lahore session court stayed proceedings in Meesha Shafi ‘s defamation case against Ali Zafar

As per the recent development in the Ali Zafar vs Meesha Shafi case, the court allowed Ali Zafar’s application and stayed the proceedings in Meesha’s counter defamation case till the final disposal of Zafar’s defamation case of 1 billion against Shafi.

Meesha Shafi’s counter defamations case for Rs. 2 billion was fixed for orders on Ali Zafar’s application on Thursday, 13th February 2020.

It was declared that the suit filed by Meesha Shafi is not maintainable, hence it is not proceedable till the final outcome of Ali Zafar’s defamation case.

Moreover, Zafar’s defamation case was also fixed yesterday for Meesha’s evidence but neither any witnesses appeared from her side nor her counsels were available.

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Reportedly, Meesha Shafi’s proxy counsel requested for yet another adjournment. The court observed that on the last date of hearing the case was adjourned for 13th February on the request of Saqib Jillani, Meesha’s counsel, due to his non-availability.

However, due to the absence of Saqib Jillani or any of the promised witnesses, the judge declared that if the witnesses will not appear on the next date of hearing, Meesha’s right to produce evidence will be struck off.

The only case pending now in court is Ali Zafar’s defamation case of 100 crores for damages against Meesha Shafi. The case is adjourned for 18th February 2020 for Meesha’s remaining evidence.

In 2018, Meesha Shafi had accused Zafar of harassing her “on more than two occasions”. In response, Ali Zafar had filed a defamation suit worth Rs1 billion against her, stating that her allegations have caused him “emotional and financial damage”

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