"> Hit In Pakistan | Corruption Of Govt Funds Worth Rs. 50 Million In The Jamshoro University Has Been Recently Exposed!

Corruption Of Govt Funds Worth Rs. 50 Million In The Jamshoro University Has Been Recently Exposed!

Government funds misused are worth Rs. 50 million!

The Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET) is one of the best and the highest-ranking universities in Pakistan but unfortunately, academia has become a victim of its own employee’s dishonest practices.

According to reports, one of the University’s former employee was involved in a scam who in which they supposedly transferred the government funds worth of Rs. 50m to their personal bank account and not only that but he also started his own business with the money they earned through corruption.

The university’s former employee named Waqas Ali Channa who was working as a deputy director in the university’s finance department of MUET’s Khairpur campus was the one to be involved in the corruption.

However, as per the reports, not only him but some other influential people belonging to the University’s administration department were also involved in the case but the University administration is blaming Channa to be the main culprit for the corruption he carried out and also recommended the provincial government to look into the matter.

Moreover, a letter has been sent to the anti-corruption department by the Sindh Department of Universities and requested them to look into the matter and investigate the corruption of government funds.

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof Mohammad Aslam Uqaili stated:

“After thoroughly investigating the matter of financial corruption, the university has duly registered an FIR against the former deputy director of finance [Channa]. Besides, we have also been successful in recovering Rs10 million out of the embezzled amount of Rs50 million. Channa has also issued a statement in which he has confessed his crime.”

According to law government funds cannot be transferred to any account without the permission of the relevant authority. The incident occurred during the tenure of the pro-vice-chancellor (PVC) Ghulam Sarwar. On the other hand, the vice-chancellor of the university was Dr. Abdul Qadeer Rajput during that time.

Mohammad Aslam Uqaili further stated:

“The PVCs of different campuses had the same authority as that of the vice-chancellor in financial matters, which continued until I took over as the VC. However, this does not mean that Sarwar was part of the fraud. We are trying to obtain more details from the bank in order to get a clearer picture.”

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