Convo Is Unifying the Non-Desk Workforce

Convo Is Unifying the Non-Desk Workforce

Clear and unambiguous collaboration is crucial for all companies, especially the ones employing a majority of non-desk workforce, with the exception of Convo. The Engagement Institute has turned in its stats just in time for the businesses to review and improve their employee engagement policies for 2019. The report reveals that disengaged workforce is resulting in an annual loss of a whopping $550 billion for the U.S. companies.

Convo – Mobilizing the Non Desk Workforce

In recent times, workforce collaboration has predominantly been digitized. However, the rise of software collaborative tools forworkforce is accompanied by a surge in the non-desk teams employed by the organizations, thus compelling the enterprises to adopt even more innovative, adaptable, and comprehensive collaboration solutions.

The Glue that Binds the Non-Desk Employees
Workforce collaboration platforms like Convo make it easier to work on-the-go while communicating with teams spread across the globe. As the challenges faced by the organizations grow, the work collaboration tools also evolve to present faster and more reliable teamwork solutions.An effective solution should target two key areas vis-à-vis workflows and inter-organizational communication. Collaboration resources for workflows comprise of tools digitizing task flows to enhance output efficiency. The communication processes focus on features like real-time communication etc. Convo synergizes the best workflow solutions with the high-end communication tools to deliver remarkable results.

Seamless Integration of Non-Desk Workforce 
A recent study revealed thathighly engaged workforce could boost profitability by 21%. With multiple platforms including web-based solution, iOS and Android app, as well as Desktop app augmented with the single sign-on feature, Convo is making it easier to integrate workforce spread across the seven continents. From payslips to task management and shift swaps, everything can be done by the device held in your hand​

Automated Workflows

Utilizing unified solutions for real time updates and notifications, tagging employees and commenting, Convo makes non-desk workforce collaboration a seamless experience. The platform utilizes the best loved features of social media networks to deliver a high-end workplace collaboration tool. The home feed delivers the latest information you need while Convo also integrates with more than 400 ubiquitous apps including Gmail, Twitter and Drop Box.

Closing the Communication Loop
Convo is loaded with thelatestcommunication features like team or project basedgroups that keep workflow organized. Visual feedback with annotations allows clear and crisp communication by marking files and images and taggingthe concerned person. Convo also allows for peer-to-peer, group chats as well as organization wide broadcasts for hassle-free communication.

Bottom Line
As the markets get more aggressively competitive, employee engagement goes a long way to define company productivity. By improving the connectivity of the non-desk workforce, Convo can help your enterprise in achieving its targets.

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