Convo the Right Solution for Workplace Collaboration

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Convo is the Right Solution for Workplace Collaboration

Convo seems to be the correct workplace collaboration. Digital innovations and generational shifts have brought a paradigm shift in the employment culture. Today, the employee capability requirements routinely include qualifications like analytics and automation proficiency.

Evolution of the Traditional Workforce
With the advent of technology, the face of the traditional workforce is also transforming as an intricate network of contractors, freelancers, regular employees, and contributors emerges to work alongside as team on collaborating on different projects. Add the digital automation solutions to the mix and it presents an entirely new way of how people work and interact. The hierarchies have become redundant; most of the workforce is operating in the organic networks. Thus, the conventional organizational solutions are no more relevant for the modern workforce and for the workplace of the future.
Here’s how the modern workforce is driving the organizations to adapt:
1. Diversity
As Gen Z enters the workplace and the millennials advance to the leadership roles, while the Baby Boomers hop from one lucrative offer to the next, the workplace needs to be adaptable to the drastically different needs of as much as three generations, simultaneously.
2. Putting People First
The modern employee wants to work and collaborate as per his/her own choice in a familiar consistent environment.The popularity of the Work from Home, Flexible Work Hours, or Collaborative workspace models is growing. The more control employee has over the workplace environment, the more empowered s/he feels.
3. Technology
As personal laptops replace workplace machines andmeetings take place via video links, a digitally efficient workplace has become a universal pre-requisite.
4. Astute Personnel
With the latest technologies at their fingertips, employees want to realize their true potential but are hindered by the organizations that are slow to respond to the changing scenario.
How is Convo making it Easier for the Companies to Live Up to the Workforce Expectations?
Convo is a workplace collaboration tool that makes teamwork organized and structured. Regardless of the industry, Convo will enhance efficiency and strengthen the processesto ensure improved organizational performance.
Email Free, Secure Inclusive Collaboration
Convo provides a secure conversation platform for both on-site and off-site workers to enhance teamwork and productivity.
Social Media Inspired Features
Convo is the perfect marriage of the best of the two worlds vis-à-vis the social media and the workplace collaboration tool. The platform employs the universally liked social media features like private and group conversations, personal groups and organization-level groups for more interactive exchange of ideas, visual feedback, and threadsto keep track of the discussion. Instant Messaging, App
The Convo app provides instant messaging features to your device to collaborate on-the-go. Whether you want to integrate your own platform of choice or choose to use the built in instant messaging feature, Convo provides the choice and convenience to enable the needs of the user.
The platform boasts a bank grade security and provides a secure channel for all your workplace exchanges.
Mark-up/Snippets on Multimedia attachments
The tool allows marking and annotation for the feedback on the multimedia file, making it easier to workin a co-operative manner.
AI Chat Bots
Convo flaunts a deep search mechanism and features AI chatbots.
Built-in Support for Google Docs
Take your work with you with Convo as you document even when you are not in your office.
Workplace of Tomorrow
The workplace of tomorrow will be driven by the employee demands, in addition to the demands of the clients that are also predominantly driven by Millennials and Gen Z. Platforms like Convo make it easier for the organizations to meet the expected standards.

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