Convo – The New Kid on the Block


Convo Is The New Kid on the Block

Convo seems to be the winner. As more and more companies are providing remote working options and digital modes of communications to their employees, the requirement for workplace collaborations has also increasingly become challenging. According to the Deloitte Global Human trends report in 2018 there are approximately 2.8 billion non-desk workers around the globe.

According to Deloitte’s 2018 Human Capital Trends report, “there are approximately 77 million formally identified freelancers in Europe, India, and the United States. In the U.S. more than 40% of workers are now employed in “alternative work arrangements,” such as contingent, part-time, or gig work.”. Moreover, employees and individuals working in fields and remotely are more often working really hard.

However, management does not communicate or acknowledge their appreciation enough, if at all. As a result, these workers feel less connected with their organization and its values.

Many companies are looking to find solutions to deal with the ever-growing challenges of employee collaborations. Already, several of the big players in the market have jumped in such as Microsoft teams and Facebook Workplace. However, alternative solutions such as Convo have surfaced and aim to address the market that are in lock-step with the tools millennials already use and don’t encumber them with traditional email or tether them to a desktop computer.

Convo is a revolutionary platform integrating all the  conventional business requirements with the right mix of social media applications for the millennial yet with the benefits of the enterprise solutions. A near perfect application that makes each and every employee contribute equally to their organization by keeping them completely connected and inclusive.  All this ease of connectivity comes with the extreme security of information and crucial data of bank grade security that Convo is confident no one can beat. Anyone and everyone working internally or externally using Convo will feel inclusive, equally valued and an integral part of the company. Furthermore, the threat of company data out of the system is virtually obliterated and the information is always secure and residing on secure servers completely under the control of the organization. As a result, Convo is the dream come true for all facets of an organization.

This unique mix of ease of use, with integrations of all the possible tools one is used to in a familiar environment with all the trimmings of an enterprise secure platform is turning quite a few heads in the corporate work making the big boys take notice. In its very early stages of roll out, Convo is already being used by hundreds and thousands of happy clients. Like with any startup that threatens to cause disruptions, there are always challenges and CEO of Convo Osman Rashid shares them: “Our biggest challenge is when a major player provides a second class product but gives it away for free. This causes execs to be forced to look at that product, try it and then realize that it is indeed inferior. This causes a slowdown but Convo has been able to overcome this challenge by helping CIOs realize that any product that requires an email address is a non-starter since most of their employees don’t tend to have email.”

In this digital age, where technology is weaved into our DNA, communication on digital platforms is profuse and the only means of information sharing and storage. The growing concern for every organization is the security of their data. Companies are constantly seeking the best solution to their challenges that will not only promise data security but will also make interaction within the organization easier and more convenient. Convo has emerged as a major player to unify the workforce, incorporating all the communication features that millennials are used to with unprecedented ease of use and unparalleled security.

A Silicon Valley startup founded by Pakistanis, Convo was recently featured in CIO Review Magazine as one of the top 10 collaboration platforms. The noteworthy features of Convo enable managers and workers to interact with each other, exchange ideas while allowing them to keep track of all the documents and details.

According to Osman Rashid, “Most of the organizations using communication platforms today are piloting products – the vast majority of these platforms are yet to deploy, so we are competitive and confident there. The few companies that have deployed other such solution are quickly realizing that they have left all of their field workers (who don’t have email) out of the corporate systems and these employees feel like a second-class citizen. Convo solves this problem for them since it doesn’t require an email”.

The biggest obstacle to adopt a new technology or platform is the resistances to change with the fear of going to the unknown from the comfort of an environment the employees are already used to. Even corporates are rather very averse to readily implementing a change for fear of or triggering training, which could introduce disruption reduce and impact productivity. Convo worked out this challenge from the onset Convo’s platform provides a user interface that is easy to use and looks similar to popular social media platforms that millennials use daily. Therefore, adopting Convo is disruption free,  hassle free,  and takes minutes to get up and running. Increasingly, Organizations have workforces spread across the globe. Convo enables them to easily connect to each employee, irrespective of time zone or location, so everyone can readily communicate, collaborate and stay updated in real-time.

As workforce communication tools become more diverse, Convo is a product for the millennials that are more driven by their familiarity of the social media by the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. Convo understands and seamlessly integrates all such platforms into its system, making it easy for employees to work in an environment that they are used to, with all the benefits of an enterprise solution.
One of Convo’s many features is the company-wide activity stream that makes it even more effective in bringing the entire company onto one platform and keeping everyone updated on major company announcements and shared goals. Organizations can provide the latest activities, updates from all project teams can be synched up. Personal newsfeeds are updated in real- time and your posts are prioritized based upon recent activity and importance.

Convo is truly at the top of its game, constantly evolving to understand and incorporate the diverse needs of its users, making it a solution of choice for major corporations.

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