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Coldplay ‘s 8th Studio Album Titled ‘Everyday Life’ Features Late Pakistani Qawwali Legend Amjad Sabri


Coldplay ‘s Critically Acclaimed Album ‘Everyday Life’ Includes Pakistani Legend Amjad Sabri!

The new studio album by Coldplay, titled ‘Everyday Life’ has soared to the top of the Official Album Charts. This is the band’s eighth consecutive album to reach the pinnacle of the album charts, canceling out Robbie Williams’ new album in the process. It is a double album, with the first half titled Sunrise and the other Sunset.

‘Everyday Life’ is the band’s genius and successful attempt at raising their voice towards serious issues plaguing the world. It’s a sprawling, questioning project from a group clearly stunned and dismayed by the crueler ways of the world. However, it’s not entirely lacking in hope, thanks to their earnestness to stretch themselves in order to help mitigate humanity’s horrors and slights.

Coldplay – Everyday Life Promotion

Black-and-white posters featuring the band teasing the album, and the date “22 November 1919” appeared in cities around the world, including Berlin, São Paulo, Hong Kong and Sydney on October 13.

The band shared a letter that was sent to fans across the globe – revealing that they’d release the double album on November 22.

Coldplay Credits Late Pakistani Qawwali Legend Amjad Sabri

While Everyday Life is bursting with thoughts on modern life, it also has the big-tent pop moments that made Coldplay one of the 21st century’s biggest and most reliable arena acts. The second song on the album, “Church” recalls the churning splendor of “Viva La Vida,” with Chris Martin’s voice weaving in and out of Qawwali singer Amjad Sabri’s sampled keening at the end; The second-last song “Champion of the World” sounds ready-made for particularly inspirational highlight reels, its refracted guitars gleaming like the moon that’s likely been conjured in listeners’ heads by Chris Martin’s E.T. references.

Chris Martin credited Legendary Pakistani vocalist Amjad Sabri after taking a sample from his song “Jaga Ji Laganay“, for the song “Church” from the new album Everyday Life in a recent interview with ENTERCOM.

Coldplay have credited Amjad Sabri on their official website and on Wikipedia as well!

Here’s Coldplay’s song “Church” in full, featuring Amjad Sabri and Norah Shaqur:

Here’s ‘Jaga Ji Laganay‘ by Late Amjad Sabri


Release Day – Live from Amman, Jordan – YouTube Originals

During an online press conference on 1 November, Coldplay announced they would perform Everyday Life in two shows in Amman, Jordan on 22 November, the release date of the album. The first show showcased the band performing the first half of the album Sunrise at 4:00 a.m. GMT, and the second show featured the performance of Sunset at 2:00 p.m. GMT. The shows, which were live-streamed on YouTube, marked the band’s first-ever performances in the country.

Both shows were promoted and advertised as YouTube Originals. The two shows were performed without an audience, but the following night the band performed their first public show at the Citadel in Jordan’s capital city Amman.

Perhaps the most tear-jerking song on the new album is ‘Daddy‘, which, Coldplay fans can consider their new ‘Fix You

There are so many incredible songs in ‘Everyday Life‘ that it’s hard to choose one favorite, a conundrum most Coldplay fans struggle with after the release of every new album! The songs require three to four listens to make a permanent place inside your head and once you’ve succumbed to that, there’s just no getting out!

The album covers important issues ranging from refugee crises and police brutality to gun control and deforestation. It also contains a gospel, a first for Coldplay. The band’s variety and brilliance is displayed in full with ‘Arabesque‘, ‘Cry Cry Cry‘ and ‘Champion of the World

Head over to Coldplay’s YouTube to stream the entire album! It’s certainly not to be missed and is one for the ages.

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