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#CokeStudio12 : Rohail Hyatt’s Return Marks The Exit Of Momina – Asim


#CokeStudio12 – Line-up revealed With Atif Aslam, Abrar ul Haq Leading The Way!

#CokeStudio12 is nearing its highly-anticipated return as the musical maestro Rohail Hyatt has once again taken the reigns as showrunner. ‘He is not a wizard but he is trying his best to put up a good show’. Rohail Hyatt’s close circle is slowly warming up to the expectations people have from the maestro’s comeback season.

Social media is abuzz with discussions and anticipation over Rohail Hyatt’s return to the helm of the show once again. The last season has witnessed a considerable drop in quality of the once high-quality show. People were very unforgiving and vented out their frustration on social media. This marked the end of the road for Ali Hamza and Zohaib Kazi as the show’s producers.

In an effort to win back the hearts of the people, #CokeStudio12 decided to bring back the original showrunner, Rohail Hyatt. It was, after all, Rohail’s methods early on in the series which made fans tune into the show week in week out and elevated the show’s status.


Rohail’s departure spelled the end of an era

“Season 5 songs sound like one long song”, a budding musician had said back in 2012. They need to follow Coke Studio @MTV’s approach and give chance to new producers was another notion that echoed for a long time before Strings opened the floor to more voices.

Their formula clicked with the masses, and the likes of Shuja Haider, Shani Arshad, and Jaffar Zaidi managed to hold the pulse for a while before the audience, and to some extent, the producers (Strings) got exhausted, and bode each other farewell.

Ali Hamza and Zohaib Kazi came with a bang and left with a whimper.

By now the ‘bring back Rohail Hyatt’s bandwagon had kicked off under the comments section and the people’s prayers were finally answered.

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No room for mediocrity as Rohail prefers established singers over newbies

Momina Mustehsan may be the most googled personality in Pakistan but Rohail Hyatt seems to prefer talent over Google. Same goes for Asim Azhar who might be a hit among Pakistani teens but he doesn’t seem to be in Rohail Hyatt’s good books.

Instead of playing any of these cards in his comeback season, Rohail Hyatt has decided to play it safe and prefer established singers over newbies. He has stuck to his signature combination of effortless singers and unheard-of folk musicians.

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#CokeStudio12 Artists Line – up

1)      Sanam Marvi

2)      Fareed Ayaz & Abu Muhammad

3)      Umair Jaswal

4)      Shahab Hussain

5)      Barkat Fakeer and company

6)      Atif Aslam

7)      Hadiqa Kayani

8)      Shamali Afghan

9)      Aima Baig

10)   Har Sakhiyan

11)   Chakar Baloch

12)   Zoe Viccaji

13)   Ali Sethi

14)   Rachel Viccaji

15)   Nimra Rafique

16)   Quratulain Baloch

17)   Abrar ul Haq

18)  Omran Shafique

19)  Taj Mohammad Buledi

20)  Sadiq Sameer

 House Band

Sarmad Ghafoor – guitars
Zain Ali – guitars
Kamran Mannu Zafar – bass
Uncle Jay – violin
Kami Paul – drums
World percussions: Abdul Aziz, Veeru Shaan and Hassaan Moheyeddin (Moyo)
Eastern percussions: Babar Khanna
Multiple instruments: Tanveer Tafu and Aamir Azhar
Backing vocalists:  Shahab Hussain, Nimra Rafique, Rachel Viccaji and Meher Qadir.

There are other guest musicians as well who will feature in different songs.

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