Coke Studio 12 – All Set For Trailer Release On October 4!

Coke Studio 12

Coke Studio is back with maestro Rohail Hyatt at the helm!

Renowned music producer Rohail Hyatt is back in charge of Coke Studio after 6 years. In his absence, first Strings and later Ali Hamza – Zohaib Kazi stepped in for the next 5 years but they couldn’t match his work.

The Coke Studio Season 12, back under Rohail Hyatt, will release its trailer on October 4th.  Who will be part of Rohail’s comeback season and how, the trailer will reveal all. Fans of the music program cannot wait to find out which singers will be teamed together and which music composer will produce which song.

Coke Studio

The list was announced a few days back and there were a couple of artists who were not part of it includes Momina Mustehsan may be the most googled personality in Pakistan but Rohail Hyatt seems to prefer talent over Google. The same goes for Asim Azhar who might be a hit among Pakistani teens but he doesn’t seem to be in Rohail Hyatt’s good books.

In the last few seasons, a song was used to launch the upcoming season but Rohail Hyatt has different ideas. This time, artist and guest musicians will be introduced through a montage trailer about the entire season. The first episode of Rohail Hyatt’s comeback season will be on air on October 11.

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