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Clifton & Defence Residents Protest Against Incompetence Of Cantonment Board Clifton (CBC)


Residents of Clifton & Defence are protesting outside CBC office!

The angry residents of the posh area of Karachi Clifton and Defence accumulated outside the office of Cantonment Board Clifton (CBC) on Monday over the “incompetence of the Defence Housing Authority and CBC in providing basic living conditions”.

The protestors are angry for not developing and maintaining the proper sewerage system and even failed to restore electricity in most parts of these areas after 98 hours.

According to the sources, CBC has sealed their gates ahead of the protest scheduled by the residents of the area but protestors have breached the area and tried to enter the office however they were stopped by the police.

The residents are demanding the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CBC to address them and listen to their complaints. They are also demanding improvement in the sewerage system and improvement in the garbage collection system.

The protestors are also demanding that an audit report of flood relief tax should be shared with them and the authorities or members should be called and held accountable for the lack in providing the basic amenities for the so-called posh area of the city.

The group on social media is been made on Facebook by the name of “Petition against DHA & CBC” as they have announced a protest that will be held outside the office of CBC over the “incompetence of DHA & CBC in providing basic living conditions”.

Further in the post, the organisers have requested the protestors to “remain peaceful at all times, not harm or hurt anyone, not damage any property and do not harm any plants or animals”.

They also have shed light on that they do not “promote, recommend, encourage or incite any sort of violence, nor shall they be held accountable or responsible for any person’s personal choices or acts in the Peaceful Protest,” also clarified that they are not associated with any political party.

Clifton & Defence flood exposes the harsh truth of these posh areas!

Why buy such an expensive house or apartment where there is no proper sewerage system, no proper electricity system and no proper roads available when the 6th spell of monsoon rain hit Karachi the whole infrastructure vomited the brutal reality of the areas that how vulnerable they are to these kinds of weather situations.

The heavy charges on a yearly basis that are been collected under the development, maintenance and many more other extra charges headlines, where it is been invested or implemented?

Why buy such an expensive property in the city’s most expensive area? and why people should invest in Clifton & Defence? when CBC is not able to provide the basic amenities to its residents.

This rain has exposed the corrupt management of CBC for failing to do their work right way as they couldn’t do anything when the people’s house and business are affected badly due to the flooding.

Now the protestors are demanding answers and return of the heavy tax’s they have paid in the name of “Development Charges.”

The residents have put forward 22 demands that they have to accept and if not been accepted they will not pay these tax’s to fill the corrupt managements pockets.

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